Well summer has certainly arrived with a bang here in the west of Ireland.  Inaction on the blog over the last couple of weeks has been due to a number of factors, chief among them the beautiful sunshine outside my front door!

Along with this I spent the last week in June up in Donegal putting together and running Gaelforce North.  We spent a week staying in the Mt Errigal youth hostel in Dun Lewey, for those of you that haven't been it is definitively  worth a visit with some stunning views over the whole of the Poison glen.  Dun Lewey is also a very welcoming place and most of the locals made us feel welcome and were happy to see us in this the 4th edition of the race.  We were lucky to welcome some of the top adventure journalists from America, Europe and the British isles.  From prestigious publications such as Outside magazine, the Gear Junkie and their sponsors from Columbia sportswear.  We were blessed with a sunny day and also smiling happy people so a big thank you to everyone involved.

After this we came back to Galway and right back into our busy season, lots of fresh faced kids coming in for their first experience in the Irish outdoors.  From both our one week and two week Summer camps it is great to see everyone getting stuck in.  On a personal level it hasn't been such a good couple of weeks.

My #18summits mountain run has had to be postponed yet again due to my body letting me down.  While up in Donegal I was out for a cycle and got a flat tyre.  I started to run my bike out from the middle of a forest road where I was towards the main road but somehow managed to tear my calf along the way.  This has put me back two weeks in my training.  To try and get my body back right and to have a good chance at this run I have decided to postpone it until the last week in August.  This should give me almost 2 months to regain fitness and get back on track, here's hoping this time.

Finally in terms of personal enjoyment I have been getting out and about, new bike tyres arrived last week so trying to see if I can look after  these for a while.  Also new Rockpool Taran sea kayak arriving on Wednesday after almost 3 months of waiting so very excited.  Before that myself and Ali Donald  went out for a spin from Cleggan to Killary which we managed to plan on the only grey day in Connemara last week.

Finally we were pleased to welcome over the past couple of weeks Shannon Stowell and Chris Doyle the two organisers of the Adventure Trade Travel Association on their travels through Ireland.  They stopped off to do our Turf Guy course and left suitably impressed as you can see below.