Top 5 Lakes in Connemara / 'Lacs du Connemara''

Top 5 Lakes of Connemara 'Lacs du Connemara'


Best read while listening to Michel Sardou singing '' Lacs Du Connemara ''

This week's blog update is something a little bit different as I bring you my favourite 5 lakes of Connemara.  After a short lifetime kayaking and swimming in almost all of them I feel that I can offer some insight into those that offer the best places to visit on your travels through Galway and the West of Ireland.

1. Lough NaFooey

Probably my favourite lake in the whole of Connemara, although it is right on the northern edge of it.  Heading from Leenane to Maum you take a left to Finney and head over a mountain pass, as you come down the far side you see this lake appear out in front of you and then you enter an Ireland that time forgot.  Things move at a slower pace in Finney and there is a sandy beach on the edge of the lake that is superb for a swim or a picnic lunch.  There is also a lovely pub called The Larches on the edge of the lake which is worth stopping in after the day's fun.

2 Kylemore lough

Probably the most photographed lake in Connemara with the stunning Kylemore Abbey and Gardens in the background.  On a still morning or late evening you can get a beautiful photo of the 19th century gothic masterpiece built by Mitchell Henry in 1867. As you can see from the photos below it is well worth capturing as you drive past it.  Also well know as a good fishing lake you can stay on the shores of it or even walk the circuit of it which is a good half days walk.  The forest on the side of it brings out some spectacular colours in autumn and spring and provides the perfect backdrop.

3. Lough Corrib

By far the largest lake in Connemara, although technically it marks the northern edge of Connemara.  Sweeping down through Galway almost dividing the county in half it was for years the heart of travel in Galway and still maintains a great sense of history.  If you get the chance you can take a boat trip down through it or go fishing on it.  Starting in Galway city there is a vibrant community living along the edges of it and if you are out you can see how it is still the heart of Galway county.

4. Lough Aughawoolia

A little lake not far from Maum Cross (also known as the gateway to Connemara), Lough Aughawoolia is just off the side of the main road and has a quaint little fishing hut on the side of it.  Maybe a remnant from the period of Ranji the  Maharajah of Connemara.  A likely little lake it is just a taster of things to come as you head south in the wildlands of Connemara.

5. Inagh lough

Another of those lakes in Connemara that takes your breath away as you come round the corner and see it panned out in front of you.  A popular trout and Salmon lake, the backdrop of the Twelve Bens mountain range on one side and the Maum Turks on the other only enhances the location.  One of the beautiful parts about it for me is that there is no mobile signal on the banks of it thus leaving you in peace to enjoy the truly relaxing environment.