The last week has been another busy one in Killary with a lot of different schools in, a lot of staff leaving as the season starts to wind down  and the weather starts to get colder.  On the bright side the rain has started to come in so  the rivers are starting to fill up and the whitewater season can start in earnest.

                We had a bit of an accident last week as our brand new dome had a bad experience with the wind.  I got a paniced phone call to say it was flying away.  Some of the bottom straps had ripped out and the material itself was acting like a huge sail and starting to take off.  So after a mad dash up I managed to grab the material and pull it down, getting a black eye from it in the process.  With much help from everyone in the office we were able to hold it down.  However the material is now ripped and it will have to be sent away for repair.  This is unfortunate as it was looking really impressive, although we will now have some time to repair it and have it back up and running in the spring.

                In other news we spent two days this week cutting and splitting timber for our biomass boiler.  In two days we managed to cut and chop a full arctic load of timber, this is equivalent to 27 tons of timber.   In other words a large pile of timber which should keep the centre warm over the entire winter until about January when it will be copy, paste, repeat.

                As the season is winding down we are unfortunately starting to lose all our wonderful staff who have been keeping Killary running throughout the year.  Dougal is off to Italy to work as a ski guide, Ross is moving half way to Westport but staying in the west for the winter, Reinaldo is heading off to Chile for the winter and there is a big bunch of us staying here in Connemara.

A little video of the whitewater we have been tackling over the last few weeks as we pray for more rain.