The last week has been an adventure in itself, with storms battering the shores of the Killary and a months worth of rain falling in one day.  On Friday evening we went out for our annual staff party in Westport and it was great to enjoy a meal with the remaining staff who are staying here for the winter. 

                We were lucky in that we got home from Westport just before the bad weather hit, woke up on Saturday morning to be faced by 80 mph winds coming down the harbour along with sheets of rain.  Early morning as we were supposed to have a stag group in  of 20 people, however due to flooding in the west only 10 of them turned up and they were all 2 hours late.  They seemed to have timed it right though as the sun came out in the afternoon although the wind kept it interesting as they went Clay Pigeon shooting.

                On the bright side as of Friday the days start to get longer again!!  For me I think this is a great time as from then on our nights start to get shorter and the 'stretch in the evenings' gets longer.  This means we will have more time to start fixing everything in time for the new season, as you can see below we have had a few breakages over the last couple of days.  Also we have a group in over Christmas so have to make sure everything is warm and ready for them as the long range forecast has snow on the 24th. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas