Since the end of August it has been a quiet couple of weeks in the centre as we do the annual change over from summer camp kids to big school groups.  It is a time for recharging batteries and getting ready for one of our busiest times of year.  We have been extremely lucky that the weather out west has been fantastic over the last two weeks making the change into Autumn that much nicer as it hasn't rained in two weeks and the mountains are dry and the rivers are non-existent.  Unfortunately I never got away for a holiday over the period but did get a chance to go off on a camping trip down Lough Corrib to an abandoned castle.  Nothing like having a castle to yourself to make you feel  very important.

We went camping  on one of Grainne Mhaoils old castles which has been restored by the OPW, they put in a Mezzanine level where you can sit up near the top of the castle and get the views of the sunrise in the morning.  We also had it planned perfectly so that we got the full moon, it was a amazingly bright one.  Almost impossible to capture on camera but just to be sitting there in the middle of the night and it to be as bright as day.  Unfortunately there were no howling wolves to be heard in the hills of Connemara but plenty of fish were jumping.

In other big news I have now painted the front entrance of the Dome red as you  can see in the photos below it makes it quite striking.  We have also put in a new rubber floor which makes it a really impressive open space for playing in.  The acoustics are amazing so if you know any live music bands who are looking for a different venues and something interesting and quirky then send them on this direction for a very different setting.

If you are free over the next week I would highly recommend getting out to the West coast of Ireland as the skies have been delivering the most impressive scenes every night for the last week.  Everything is dry and everyone is still smiling and happy, the Wild Atlantic Way is showing itself off and it doesn't feel like Autumn.