Autumn is a time in Killary when everything changes, the end of another busy season and the start of plans for a new one.  As the last couple of big bookings come into Killary it is time to say good bye to staff and friends and let the jealousy settle in as they head of for exotic adventures all over the world.  Whether it is skiing in France or windsurfing in the Caribbean the life of an activity instructor is like an itinerant traveller going where the most fun can be had.

Meanwhile back in base we look back over the year and see what we can do better next year and also start planning any new projects or activities for the new year.  We had our last race of the year on Saturday, the 5th Turf Warrior race and one of the best in terms of weather as you can see by the photo below it was a stunning evening.

On an adventure related front it was an interesting summer with Mary and Kim heading to Nepal for an 18 day  trek through Manasalu.  Going up to a height of 5000m and then spending most of their time at around 3000m.  They came back with wonderful stories of the friendly Nepalese people and the stunning locations interspersed with tales of devastation which had greeted them after the earthquake.

I myself went to Limone Sul Garda in Northern Italy, to partake in the final of the international Sky running series, a mountain running race series for those who dont follow it.  I went in woefully underprepared due to a combination of work and lack of training.  Meaning I had only run once in the previous month, however not letting this deter me I set off at a right old clip from the get go. Hit the first hill which we started at 50m and climbed up to 1200m in 2km, my heart rate was an average of 195 the whole way up which is what we call redlining.  Stunning location though and a lovely place to run, 25km and 2800m of ascent led to a brutal 4:30 race for me where my failings were brutally exposed.  I thought I could do alright maybe top 100 but  the longer the race went on the further towards the back I got.  By the time I got to the last mountain I was feeling the burn but then I met an Irish runner, as you do, and we had a chat before my competitive instinct kicked in and I had to leave him behind.  Nice to race with the pros but I think that I need more training before I go back again.  To give you a flavour the winning time was 2:40.

Now on to the next challenge whatever that may be.