I was lying in bed last night agonising about what I was going to write in my blog this week and then it hit me, I have never given out my personal information.  Shane Young 6ft, blond hair, blue eyes and I like to think a chiselled physique.

      On a slightly more serious note I was born and grew up in the west coast of Ireland, my parents sailed across the Atlantic in a 24ft boat for their honeymoon and the adventure has kept going from there.  Growing up in a remote part of Ireland I grew up playing in the woods and hills of Connemara, this progressed to water-skiing, canoeing and sailing, with some mountain running thrown in to keep me fit. 

                I went off the rails slightly when I was sent away to school, whereupon I discovered rugby.  This dominated my free time for almost ten years as I used it to travel from New Zealand to Argentina and all over Ireland.  Upon my retirement from this two years ago I rediscovered my love of kayaking and the outdoors.  To really get back into it I took part in the Devises to Westminster 125mile kayak marathon.  I then took this summer off to sail to Greenland and take part in a kayaking expedition there.  I now live out my dream daily working in Killary Adventure Company.  I am currently brewing up the next challenge which I hope to have sorted by early January so keep tuned to see what it will be. 

 p.s.  if anyone wants to contact me try twitter @killarygroup or shane@killary.com