I am writing this post from the Himalayan foot hills of Nepal and although I am part of a team that has been operating a mobile medical camp for an earthquake ravaged community for the past few days, I feel that I have a different story to tell. One of inspiration.


See I had been an Australian soldier for almost seven years when I arrived on the door step of Killary Adventure Centre almost ten years earlier. I had been involved in numerous peacekeeping operations and war zones during my service and now I was looking for an escape, an escape I found in travel. Travel opened my eyes to the unseen wonders of our world and found absolute solace in the adventures. However these came at a cost and I urgently needed money!


A month later I found myself sitting in an Irish pub in Connemarra awaiting my ride to Killary. I had scored a job at Killary Adventure Centre as a basic outdoor instructor and Jamie and Mary, the owners were instrumental in my progression and training in the adventure industry over the next few years.  I progressed through climbing, abseiling, mountaineering, kayaking, power boating, caving, even gave yachting a go (much to Jamie’s disgust I am a land person!). Every skill I learned was applied to that next adventure and I soon became involved in the expedition industry and the medical industry.


Jamie, although interested in my military service and any recent adventures I had undertaken was always quick to reiterate “don’t let that story define who you are, aim to go one better and when you beat that, start planning for a new one”! This really resonated with me and I carried these words with me over the next decade. I credit that simple statement with leading me on many untold adventures around the planet.


Currently I am partially responsible for a not for profit project with a two year commitment in the Himalayas in which thousands of people will be treated by a multitude of volunteer international medics. It’s been a wild ride but when we see this project through I will start planning something bigger! Those simple words can really get things done!


So why am I writing this post? Simply it is those unassuming words that have inspired me and I am now passing them on to you! That and also the fact that the Killary team have again come through by generously donating shirts, fleeces and hoodies to our project site thousands of kilometres away. These were graciously and excitedly accepted by students in Lapsephedi who are taking part in the community first responder and health training program we are delivering.


Remember a wise man once said “don’t let that story define who you are, aim to go one better than that and when you beat that, start planning for a new one”!

Safe Travels and adventures people!



Operations Manager

The Wild Medic Project