2015 year in Review

It has been a mixed year here in Killary with lots of happy customers going away elated after a day spent jumping in the bog or kayaking down the Fjord.  In no particular order here is our favorite 5 things we did this year.

1. Awards

This year we seem to have been quite successful in a couple of different areas.  We won the prize for the most Innovative company in the European Sports Summit in Limerick back in April.  We were put forward as finalists in the Sustainable Energy Agency of Ireland annual gala awards.  We were finalists in the Tourism Ireland adventure business category. And last but not least we have been nominated as a finalist in the Small Firms association of Ireland awards for 2016, yet to see how this one plays out but we are hoping.

2. Challenging times

The Killary Flyer set sail for Greenland on the second instalment of the 'North of Disko' expedition. They planned to sail up there and take photos underwater and also spend time up on the icecap.  However due to a combination of bad weather and unforeseen issues they only made it 600 miles towards their destination before it all went pear shaped and they had to turn around.  Hopefully next time it will all go a bit better.

3. Wet weather

It was a bit damp over the summer, but on teh bright summer it has been an even wetter start to the winter.  With record levels in the local rivers it is perfect to get out and spend time in the great outdoors.  Temperature wise it has been a very mild winter so far but with lots of water so heres hoping it continues into January.

4. Trail running

The inaugural Gaelforce Mountain Run in March was a highlight for me as we got a chance to show off my local area to runners from all over the country.  Unfortunately we were met with Gaelforce winds and lots of rain so next year we hope to se something a little bit better.  Mainly though it is showing off the beautiful mountains of Connemara and demonstrating how accessible they are.

5. Being on TV

Irelands Fittest Families was shot here again in 2015 for the 3rd year in a row.  It you look hard at the 4th episode just behind the clock you can see me in my Green waterproof trousers. Roughly 5 seconds of fame but I think I took them well!!  On other notes it was cool to see all the work that went into producing the series and also the people in front of the camera.  Lots riding on it and it was easy to see as Davy, Alan, Clare and Jason pushed their teams to the limit.

Happy Holidays