A beltaed happy Christmas for 2013 and a great 2014 for everyone.  It has been a spectacular year with some amazing experiences.  In honour of 2013 I have put together a list of the top5 good times and bad times from the previous year.

Good Times

1.  No big debate here but the 'North of Disko' expedition to greenland was spectacular and something I dont think I will ever forget, from paddling among Icebegs and Whales to being stuck in storms in the North Atlantic it was a6 week trip full of live experiences and done with a great bunch of people.

2. In terms of the Adventure centre it was great to get paintballing up and ready in the center as now we have another activity to entertain our guests with and also it is fun for the instructors and our return guests to have something different to do.

3. The lovely Summer weather, boy did we deserve it after a couple of hard years of economic gloom and wet summers.  Characterised by farmers saving as much hay as possible in response to the bad spring, it was a brilliant time to be an outdoor instructor.

4. The Killary family expanding - During the year we had two new babies join the Killary family as both Mona (Our GM) and Ciara (our marketing department) had their second kids.   Meanwhile my sister Kimberly is now engaged, plus the marriage of Conor and Chloe Bolger it was a year of announcements. 

5.  Working on the racing side of the business, it is rewarding to work on the Gaelforce events side of the business as it is such a happy place for so many people.  Nice to see everyone having such fun and the energy that it brings into the centre and around the area is brilliant to see.

Bad Times

1. Spring time was a bit of a bummer as it was so cold and come May time the green shoots were only just starting to come out.  It was a long cold winter and hopefully the mild winter we have had this year is not a precursor of bad things to come in 2014.

2. The Killary Flyer getting knocked down in the Winter storms.  She survived 2000miles up to Greenland and back with numerous North Atlantic storms only to be undone by the worst the west of IReland had to offer.  A very sorry sight on her side although she is now back upright.

3. The Geodesic dome in Killary which lasted a short period before she was damaged in a summer storm, in the process of repair she should be up and running for the new year. Re-enforced and better than ever.

4. Kiwi instructors - Bruce one of our Antipodean brothers came to Killary in March and left in September, among his accomplishments was putting pure petrol in a chainsaw and ruining it, trying to reverse a trailer up a hill in the process knocking the front bumper of the jeep, leaving a leagacy behind.  We love you really Bruce!!

5. Technology taking over our lives, technology is brilliant up to a point but then it needs to stop.  The simple pleasures of playing in the trees and getting wet and muddy in the bogs of Connemara are being lost as people are more interested in screens than the natural world around them.  Re-wild the child.

Once again the best for 2014 any comments contact me by mail

Shane Young

Killary Adventure Centre


Co. Galway



P.s See my favourite photos of 2013 below.